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An exploration of the rawness of one teenage girl’s feelings as she rides a roller-coaster of ups and downs in a mysterious and enthralling relationship.


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Water Lilies

Water Lilies (Film) Review

Water Lilies Is a French Drama Film What Was Released In Two Countries – Cannes And France In 2007. The 27-Year-Old Director, Celine Sciamma, Directed This Wonderful And Crisp Movie Which Is Based On a Stylish Drama In The World Of Teenage Girls’ Synchronized Swimming.
Plot And Review
The Movie Is Based On Teenage Girls’ Discovering Their Sexual Desires And Feelings, And The Discovery Of It Is Anything But Corny. The Original French Title Was Supposed To Be “Naissance Des Pieuvres”, Which Translated To “The Birth Of The Octopuses.”

Swim Team

The Movie Starts With a Series Of Incidents In The Life Of Marie, The Lead Of The Film, Who Is a 15-Year-Old Girl. Since Her Friend Anne Is Interested In Swimming, Marie Takes An Interest In Swimming As Well. She Makes a Friend Called Floriane, Who Helps Her Get Into And Enroll In Swimming Classes. Some Of The Critics Reviewed The Movie As The One Where Parents Are Watching, Without The Idea Of What Is Going On In The Life Of Those Girls, And With Absolutely No Idea About Their Sexual Life And Desires. You Ought To Pay Close Attention To The Movie As There Is a Rolling Emotion Underneath The Entire Seemingly Tranquil Surface Of The Scenes And Plot. It Is Not Just About a Girl Who Is Willing To Join a Synchronized Swim Team.

Floriane Is a Beautiful Woman, Who Has a Charming Body Although She’s a Teenager And She Is The Centre Of Every Character In The Movie. In Exchange For Helping Marie Join The Swim Team, She Demands Marie Serve As a Decoy. She Uses Marie As a Cover When She Has To Meet Her Boyfriends. There Are Two Ways Of Watching This Movie- You Can Look At The Surface Level And Take Nothing Out Of It, But Entertainment. Or, You Can Pay Close Attention To The Subtly And Respect That Each Character In The Movie Treats Each Other.
Water Lilies Or Another Name ‘The Birth Of The Octopuses’ Is The First Feature Film Directed By Celine Sciamma, Which Is Mainly Based On The Sentimentality, Nostalgia And The Distance That Comes Along With The Movie.

Awards And Nominations

The Film Won Various Awards And Also Was Nominated For a Few Of Them
It Was Premiered At The Cannes Film Festival In 2007
Won 2007 Prix De La Jeunesse
Won The Louis Delluc Prize For The First Best Film In 2007
Was Nominated Thrice For The Cesar Awards In 2008
Both The Actresses Were Nominated For Best Actresses In 2008

Critics Review

Overall, The Movie Has Received Positive Reviews From The Critics, Which Has An Average Rating Of 6.5/10. Many Online Sites Reviewed The Movie As a Proactive Coming-Of-Age Movie That Rightly Captures All The Anxieties And The Real-Life Incidents That Take Place In a Teenager’s Life. Metacritic, Gives a Good Review With Almost 65% Positive Feedback, Based On 12 Reviews. Tim Palmer Reviews Sciamma’s Film To Touch The Feminine Sensibility With An Intimate Plot, Rendered With The Socialization Process.

Interviews With Director Céline Sciamma

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